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bible commentaries old new testaments christianbook com - commentaries are excellent tools to use in your study of the bible uncover the meaning of the text though historical textual and literary context, development of the old testament canon wikipedia - the old testament is the first section of the two part christian biblical canon the second section is the new testament the old testament includes the, book of joel wikipedia - there are many parallels of language between joel and other old testament prophets they may represent joel s literary use of other prophets or vice versa, dr constable s expository bible study notes - pulpit ministry founder 1968 pastor 1968 80 and elder 1970 of plano bible chapel plano texas bible teaching pulpit supply and, list of abbreviations for the net bible footnotes - bar baruch add dan additions to daniel pr azar prayer of azariah bel bel and the dragon sg three song of the three young men sus susanna 1 2, 50 bestselling bible commentaries christianbook com - for students pastors and teachers check out the list of christianbook com s top 50 bestselling commentaries, leviticus commentaries sermons precept austin - why study leviticus in genesis we see humanity ruined by the fall in exodus god s people are redeemed from bondage in leviticus those people are, all the prayers in the old testament truth according to - old testament paul exhorts us to devote ourselves to prayer col 4 2 and to pray without ceasing 1 thess 5 17 in reading the bible we see that prayer, revelation commentaries precept austin - revelation resources commentaries sermons illustrations devotionals revelation of jesus christ the big picture revelation 10 22 events of the end times, new testament greek reference books - new testament greek reference books a list of n t greek helps study aids and lexicons for a proper perspective of the information presented here, dr constable s bible study notes and commentary - dr thomas l constable s bible study notes on the word of god, 8 daniel s confession on behalf of his people daniel 9 1 - they reported him and as a result old faithful daniel is thrown into the lion s den much to darius chagrin in the morning he calls out to daniel, web directory english bible versions bible researcher - english bible versions links updated october 2011 collections of texts online the online parallel bible project by john isett a fast loading site that, the new living translation a critical review - the new living translation 1996 mark r norton ed holy bible new living translation wheaton illinois tyndale house 1996 the new living